Antojada was founded by Lisset Andrade, an administrator by profession with studies at Le Cordon Bleu – Peru, and chocolate making studies in Argentina, at Duch – Daniel Uria – Chocolatier.


In 2017, he wanted to start a business, and opted for the Chocolate Shop. This is due to her passion for cooking since she was very young, which would prepare her in the future to function more easily in pastry and chocolate making.


This proposal is based on including chocolate in the preparation of the different fillings of the chocolates, flavored with fruit pulp, honey, herbs, among others


100% cacao
Artisanal products without preservatives

“Delight the palate of our customers, through products made by hand with quality inputs.”

“To be the leading artisanal chocolate producing company at the national level, recognized for its flavor, quality and variety in presentations.”

Keys to eating and buying good chocolate:

Biting to be able to hear the crack. This means that the chocolate was well tempered.
A well-tempered chocolate is the one that shines.
In the mouth the chocolate should melt, and that is because it is a good raw material. If you need to chew the chocolate, it means that the chocolate contains a high percentage of hydrogenated fat, and does not have much cocoa butter.
30%, between the sum of cocoa paste and cocoa butter, is the minimum to say that it is a chocolate.


Benefit of eating good chocolate

Lowers bad cholesterol.
The fat that comes from cocoa is good.
When you eat real chocolate, a gland in the brain is stimulated, where the happiness hormone is secreted.
It is an antioxidant, and the higher the percentage of cocoa, the more antioxidant power the chocolate will have.
Chocolate is the combination of butter, cocoa mass and sugar. The bitterness is given depending on the percentage of cocoa paste.